Tin Ores

The most recommended mining place in the World of Warcraft game is Hillsbrad Foothills. This place is geographically called as a crossroad between the Horde and the Alliance and it raises the likelihood of a fight between these two factions in the game.

Getting to this tin-rich location would solely depend on what faction a player is. If you are on the Alliance’s side, you will need to start at the Ironforge located at Dun Morogh. Travel east of that location to reach the Loch Modan zone and proceed north of it to reach the Wetlands and then head north and you will find a bridge that will lead you to the west region and there, you will arrive at Hillsbrad Foothills.

Another choice for the Alliance would be to swim to the Menethil Harbor shores. However, you will have to avoid several underwater enemies or mobs in the game. The disadvantage in choosing this path would be the inaccessibility of the flight paths like Thelsamar, Menethil Harbor, and Refuge Point.

If you are on the Horde’s side in the game, you can start at Silverpine Forest and head east to the main road and just follow it to the south and gamers will end up at Hillsbrad Foothills.

Rich tin gathering veins can be found around the Ruins of Alterac and also on the distant part of the mountains near the ruins.

Map of Where to mine in WoW for Tin Ores at Hillsbrad Foothills

Alternatively, if you are questing and are just planning to drop by to the near mining veins for tin, you can access the caves of Northern Stranglethorn and Ashenvale. However, the tin veins in this part of the map is not very dense but if gamers are just on the way to a quest, then it might be a good idea to drop by in this section to gather some tin ores as well as silver ores because of the coexistence of these two minerals in these regions. These are two important places for tin gathering because if you are at this region, then you won’t need to travel to the other side just to gather some tin. Take note that wasting time in the World of Warcraft is a bad idea.

Map of Where to mine in WoW for Tin Ores at Northern Stranglethorn

Map of Where to mine in WoW for Tin Ores at Ashenvale

Make sure:

  • Your mining skill is at least 100 to farm effectively

Before moving on to the next zone.