Where to skin in WoW

Skinning is a gathering profession that will allow a player to collect leathers, hides, scales, carapaces etc. These reagents are usually used by mostly leather workers and in rare occasions, other crafters to make armours or even armour kits.

Skinning isn’t like most gathering professions where a threshold of skill points is required to skin for a certain material. For example, to skin a slain beast depends on the level of the beast and your skinning skill level. To work out what level is required to skin a level 25 beast, you simply times it by 5, so you need to have a skinning level of 125. So it can be quite tricky when you’re levelling your skinning while questing and levelling your character because you need to juggle between them both. Sometimes the area you’re in may have very limited beasts to skin so your level rises and your skinning level will fall behind.

This guide will show you where to skin in wow to either level or for pure gathering.