Thorium Ores

After reaching a mining level of 215 and learning Artisan Miner, you will be able to proceed in searching for Thorium Ores.

The best and most accessible location on where to mine in WoW for Thorium Ores would be Un’Goro Crater. This place lies near Southern Kalimdor. Alliance and Horde members will be able to access this place by going to Silithus which is on the west. Alternatively, players can reach it by going to Tanaris which is east of the crater.

When digging here, you can just follow the circular shape of the crater and you will be able to find Thorium Veins scattered all around.

Map of Where to mine in WoW for Thorium Ores at Un'Goro Crater

Make sure:

  • Your mining skill is at least 275┬áto farm effectively
  • You have learnt Master Miner

Before moving on to the next zone.