Where to farm herbs in WoW

This page will show you where to find herbs in World of Warcraft, whether it is for training or for profitable purposes. This guide will show you where all the prime locations are to find herbs in WoW.

Herbalism works well with Alchemy as herbs are needed to brew potions and so on. In my opinion being a herbalist is most efficient when you’re a druid, due to the ability “flight form”. When in flight form you’re able to collect herbs without even touching the ground so you can save some time.

Before you start you will need to be trained with Apprentice Herbalism, unlike skinning or mining you are not required to have equipment such as a skinning knife for a pick to start. But there are equipment such as the [herbalist’s spade] that will increase your herbalism skills by 10 points. Herb bags will come in handy if you are planning to farm them for extra storage.