Ruined Leather Scraps

When starting off, any level 5 – 11 zones will do, Elwynn Forest has boars and wolves around Goldshire that respawns at a fast rate. Durator has scorpions around Sen’jin Village that also respawns pretty fast. But this is very much personal preference. If you are in the area then it is perfect. But it is definitely not worth the time to travel to other zones just to level your skinning if you are lower level.

Elwynn Forest (1-50, level 5-11)    

1. Stonetusk Boar

Mangy Wolf

2. Rockhide Boar

3. Prowler

4. Longsnout

Map of Where to skin at Elwynn Forestfor Ruined Leather Scrap

Durotar (1-50, level 5-11)   

1.Dire Mottled Boar

2. Wild Mature Swine

Map of Where to skin at Durotar for Ruined Leather Scrap