Light Leather

Once you have trained for Journeyman you will move on to a level 10-20 zone like Northern Barren (Horde) or Westfall (Alliance). Once you reached skinning level of about 110 you may need to move on to a higher level zone such as Duskwood, Ashenvale or Wetlands and stay there till you hit 125. Don’t leave the areas until your skinning level is 125 so you can train Expert.

Northern Barren (76-100) (level 11-20)

1. Grazing Zhevra

Greater Plainstrider

2. Fleeting Plainstrider

3. Oasis Snapjaw

4. Savannah Matriarch

Ornery Plainstrider

King Reaperclaw

Map of Where to skin at Northern Barren for Light Leather

Wailing Caverns

Maps of Where to skin at Wailing Caverns for Light Leather


Westfall (76-105) (level 11-21)

1 Coyote

2 Goretusk

3 Hulking Goretusk

Map of Where to skin at Westfall for Light Leather

Redridge Mountains

4 Redridge Fox

5 Forest Stalker

Map of Where to skin at Redridge Mountains for Light Leather


1. Dire Wolf

Map of Where to skin at Duskwood for Light Leather