Shal’dorei Silk

Shal’dorei Silk is the new cloth that will be used as the main material for tailoring. A good way to farm for Shal’dorei Silk is by looting humanoids in Azsuna. There are a few spots where humanoids spawns pretty fast and quite dense in population. Here are some places to farm Shal’dorei Slik in Azsuna:

  • Hatecoil Slavemaster just north of Oceanus Cave. You can see the exact location in the map below.
  • Biterbrine Venomermer are also good mobs to farm Shal’dorei Silk as they are easy to kill and spawns quickly as well. Have a look at the map below for the location.

Map of Where to farm Shal'dorei Slik in Azsuna

Hope this helped you with farming Shal’dorei Silk in the World of Warcraft.