Mageweave Cloth

Anywhere with humanoids leveled at 38-50 is a good place to find Mageweave in World of Warcraft. The advantages of farming in an instance over the open world due to gankers. Even if you’re at a higher level, starting a brawl is never ideal when farming as it will greatly reduce efficiency. So for farming Mageweave cloths, the dungeon Zul’Farrak at Tanaris is highly recommended. As Tanaris, is a hostile zone where many uproar has taken place in the past. Farming in a dungeon makes lots of sense. Zul’Farrak is a good farming place because you’re able to use your mount to increase productivity. Make sure you kill everything in the dungeon including the zombies in the grave.

Map of Where to farm cloth at Zul'Farrak for Mageweave Cloth