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Low Budget Warrior Aggro/Rush Deck

Warrior Deck

Posted by: Sebastian Lee

Posted on: October 18, 2014

Deck Strategy

If you are looking for an entry level warrior deck that is low budget yet aggressive and fun to play with, then this could be for you. This is an aggressive early game deck. The purpose of this deck is to start off very strong and finish the game early before your enemy gains board control.

Like a lot of aggressive rush decks, the first hand is extremely important as it sets the tempo of the game. Always try to have either Upgrade!, Fiery War Axe, Southsea Deckhand or Heroic Strike in your first draw to assist you gain early board control to put pressure on enemy hero.

Leper Gnome (1 mana, Deathrattle: deal 2 damage to enemy hero) are usually very easy targets for your opponent to just pick off the board, so it is usually used to destroy 3/2 minions as a sacrificial card if possible.

Most players may find Dread Corsair to be ineffective, however if played well you will be able to apply some pressure on your opponent. As the mana cost to play the card is reduced proportionally to your weapon damage, it should be very cheap to play or even free. If you find it inefficient in doing damage, then it may serve as a defensive minion.

Bloodsail Raider is valuable when the Warrior Hero is equipped with a weapon. Since it has 3 health it is often difficult for opponents to remove from the game.

One of most effective card to use in a warrior deck would be Frothing Berserker (Whenever a minion takes damage, gain +1 Attack) it can become a gain over one turn especially with an AoE going off. Only requiring 3 mana to cast for a 2/4, being able to play this card early game can be cause plenty of headache to your opponent.

If you are able to summon Kor’kron Elite (4 mana, 4/3, Charge), it should be used as a potential game ender. If not, it can be used as a minion remover. A minion like this can cause intense damage and put immense pressure on your opponent.

Two of the most effective game finishing card would be Mortal Strike (4 mana, Deal 4 damage. If your hero has 12 or less health, deal 6 damage instead) and Arcanite Reaper (Warrior weapon, 5/2). As both cards can deal effective damage and potentially finish the game. However, if it is not possible to end the game, use it as a removal and use your minions to do the damage.

The strategy behind having Brawl (Destroy all minions except one. Chosen Randomly) is to clear the board of giant minions and minions with Taunt. Which will allow warriors to do damage with their weapons or minions with Charge. Realistically, it is very likely to lose board control in mid game, so this is card just a contingency plan.

The target of this deck is to end the game before your 8th turn. If you lose control of the board then, it will be difficult to regain advantage and your opponent might be reaching their peak. So keep the pressure on and play aggressive.



Playing Arcanite Reaper along with Upgrade! will increase it’s durability which will produce a total of 15 damage. Great for a removal or halving your enemy hero’s health. If you have great board control, you can reduce your health down to 12 or less to maximise the damage of Mortal Strike.


Starting Hand

The starting hand should only have mana cheap cards like Leper Gnome, Upgrade! or Fiery War Axe to commence early game assault and pressure.


Changeable cards

  • If you don’t have Argent Commander, it can be switched for Reckless Rocketeer or Wolfrider.
  • If you know your opponent has a lot of minions with taunt, then it is probably better to replace Dread Corsair with Ironbeak Owl to silence the Taunt away for a direct hero assault.


Optional Cards

If you enjoy assaulting your enemy with Weapons, then Arathi Weaponsmith (Battlecry: Equip a 2/2 weapon) is an option to equip the warrior with more weapons.


Typical Cards that makes this deck.

2x Upgrade!

2x Abusive Sergeant

2x Southsea Deckhand

2x Leper Gnome

2x Bloodsail Raider

2x Fiery War Axe

2x Heroic Strike

2x Frothing Berserker

2x Arathi Weaponsmith

2x Mortal Strike

2x Dread Corsair

2x Kor’kron Elite

2x Arcanite Reaper

2x Brawl

2x Argent Commander

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