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The Iron Horde is coming!!!

The Iron Horde

Posted by: Hiep Le

Posted on: August 17, 2014

Through many years of torture and being treated worse than slaves, Kargath has form the Shattered Hand clan to bring vengeances to their master. With the influence of Garrosh Hellscream and he’s father Grommash the fierce leader of Warsong Clan. They are able to forge the Orc clans of Draenor into a savage war machine. The Iron Horde is going to conquer Azeroth once the Dark Portal completed.Will the Alliances and Hordes be prepared for an invasion?

The Iron Horde is coming with an ambition, to conquer everything in Azeroth. They will annihilate everything that stands in their path; the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands has turned blood red and hundreds of Iron Orcs are pouring into Azeroth violently. The Iron Horde invasion has begun and the citizens of Azeroth have no idea.  As a result, the Alliance Nethergarde and Horde Okril’lon Portal defender has fallen.  In this Iron Horde incursion, the strengths of the Iron Horde will be tested.

The only way for Azeroth to survive the corruption, Horde and Alliance must fight directly to the Iron Horde by travelling through the dark portal into Draenor home land; a world of giants and monsters, a world the fearsome and legendary Orc Chieftains call home.

The Warlord of Draenor expansion is going to be launch in November 13th2014; this is going to be a fun expansion, similar to the Burning Crusade where we travelling into different time dimension using the Dark Portal in Blasted Land to face the Iron Horde in Draenor and lots of new adventure.

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